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Cantera Tile Floors

ArqDesigns emphasize the use of natural stone, natural finishes, traditional skills and handcrafted detailing. Combining these with the latest and best available technology has proven timeless and have endured in an unchanged form to create unique designs methods.

Cantera Colors


Cantera Cafe Galindo Picture

Cafe Galindo

Cantera Pinon Dorado Picture

Pinon Dorado

Cantera Rojo Galindo Picture

Rojo Galindo

Cantera Naranja Picture



Cantera Rosa Picture


Cantera Blanco Limon Picture

Blanco Limon

Cantera Cafe Picture


Cantera Bronce Picture


Cantera Tile Floor Picture

Cantera Negra Picture


Cantera Tile Floor Picture


ArqDesigns uses only authentic natural stone for all of our products. All natrural stone varies in texture and color and there might be a slight variation in the finished products from the sample provided








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